Brenda M. Beck, LMT, CAMT

About Me

I am a life long Alaskan, my family moved up here in 1972.  Life for me is about being active and enjoying this beautiful state that I live in.  Getting outside, enjoying nature is something that my husband and I instilled in our three boys that were born and raised in Alaska.

Being a myofascial therapist is more than just a job for me, it is my lifestyle.  Having bodywork done for myself has been a vital part of my life.  A few times I have suffered soft tissues injuries and if it was not for myofascial work and other natural healing modalities, I would not be working anymore.

My body work education started in 1999 with learning qigong/taichi, and the importance of proper breathing to calm the mind, relax the body, opening the joints to facilitate a stronger nervous system to live a healthy life.  With this revelation, my curiosity and desire to know more about natural healing modalities was born.  I graduated from massage therapy school in 2004, and received my Advanced Myofasical Certification in 2014.