Brenda M. Beck, LMT, CAMT


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped:


I have been extremely fortunate to be Brenda Beck’s client for the past 10 years or so. Brenda is a therapist of extreme skill.  She is constantly learning and expanding her expertise.  I trust her to identify musculoskeletal issues for me and then address those issues so that I see immediate results.

I had a full hip replacement surgery in 2017. Brenda was an invaluable member of my medical team as I recovered from surgery and returned to the outdoor activities that I love: skiing, hiking and backpacking.  Her work on my iliopsoas and fascia line (from head to toe) has been life changing.  My surgery was successful, but I also needed Brenda’s ongoing help to get all my leg muscles working normally again.  In addition, Brenda has been an wonderfully effective advocate for me with health insurance, helping them understand why I required ongoing treatment.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants to live a more productive and pain-free lifestyle.

Deb K.



Brenda brought mobility and flexibility to my torn rotator cuff and kept me flexible before surgery which helped me recover faster than others. She is part of my life-time health plan for staying flexible. I like how she applies a regular routine to our sessions, addressing the tight focus points and the general well being of the whole body in one hour.

Jenny Ditto – Pottery Instructor



Brenda is quite advanced in her field and has exceptional experience in myofascial training.  She is one of the best massage therapists around and goes the extra mile to work out any problems or issues a person may encounter.  Personally, I work out a lot, usually 5 to 6 days a week and have always received great benefits from Brenda's expertise.  I have gone to her for specific issues pertaining to my knees, right shoulder or just for a relaxing massage.  Brenda knows the exact trigger points to relieve soreness, tightness or pain a person may have.  She sometimes uses warm heat to relax a muscle, also a device called a percussor for specific tissue work and even ultra-sound to help with healing.  She takes the time to find out exactly what type of massage or myofascial treatment a client may need.  In my view, Brenda is top-notch in her field and I highly recommend her.

Linda "W"